Tory MP David Davies blasted by black activist after migrant racism row

David Davies became embroiled in a furious racism row on Sam Delaney's News Thing show

David Davies suggested migrants will often lie about their age

Monday, December 19, 2016

The director of Operation Black Vote has spoken to talkRADIO after MP David Davies got angry at being called a racist on Sam Delaney's News Thing show.

Davies flew into a rage after being called out by US comedian Scott Capurro for questioning Britain's border security and suggesting migrants often lie about their age.

Activist Simon Woolley, appearing on Sam's talkRADIO show today, said people must be very careful about labelling somebody a racist, suggesting "it is the very last thing" he and his fellow activists want to do.

However Woolley also suggested that Davies, who has previously backed teeth checks for migrants as a way of verifying their age, feeds into an institutional narrative that people of colour are of less worth and value.

Listen to the interview above.