Tory MP James Brokenshire on his harrowing battle with lung cancer

'Watching someone you love suffer cancer is harder than having it yourself'

MP James Brokenshire has opened up about going through cancer

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

MP James Brokenshire has given talkRADIO a harrowing insight into his well-publicised battle with lung cancer.

The former Northern Ireland secretary spoke to James Whale, whose wife is battling the same illness, after having surgery to remove a tumour following early diagnosis.

Brokenshire said the worst thing about his ordeal has been the effect it has had on his family. He told us: "Of course it’s very hard and I think actually it’s so much harder as well on the loved ones around you.

"They’re dealing with you but they’re having to keep the show on the road" and continue with the essential tasks of life, such as looking after the children.

Our host agreed, saying he found it so much easier to copy with having cancer himself than having to go through the horror with wife Melinda., He added that, for those suffering from cancer, "it is much worse for those people close to you watching it happen."

Brokenshire also told us about how he discovered he had cancer, after finding blood on his tissue. While "the easiest thing for me to have done would have been to ignore it", he added, the key to early diagnosis is going to the doctor, even if the symptoms seem trivial.

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