Tory MP Sexism row: Roger Gale employee says 'I like it when he calls us 'girls''

Roger Gale's 'girl' employee claims he's not sexist and his team is a happy family

Sir Roger Gale has been criticised for calling two women 'girls'

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Tory MP at the centre of a sexism storm has been defended by a female member of staff - saying she likes to be referred to as a 'girl.'

Sir Roger Gale provoked outrage by referring to his female staff as "girls" on the Radio 4 Today programme on Thursday (March 16). Today his staffer Debi Hill appeared on the same show, saying she is shocked that people are criticising Gale.

She said: "[As I am] in my late 40's I like to be referred to as one of the girls.

"Sir Roger certainly isn't sexist and it shocks me to see how much attention this has received."

The woman added: "I quite enjoy [working], it's nice, we're just a very happy team. It's very familiar and we are just one happy family."

But feminist BJ Epstein argued with Hill, claiming the term 'girl' can only mean a young woman up to the age of 11 or 12, according to The Telegraph.

Epstein believes "it's diminishing and demeaning to refer to women who are older than 12 as a child."

Hill then hit back and said: "We feel very valued and appreciated for what we do, and there's nothing wrong with how we're treated.

"We very often get a bun from Roger and we like that."

Gale also appeared on talkRADIO yesterday, saying he and his fellow Tory MPs aren't to blame for the party's expenses problem.