Tory Party Conference: Philip Hammond issues warning to Boris Johnson as party's squabbling continues

Philip Hammond issues thin warning to Boris Johnson as Tory Party conference continues in Manchester

The Chancellor was speaking to Good Morning Britain

Monday, October 2, 2017

Philip Hammond has issued what appears to be a warning to Boris Johnson amid speculation he is attempting to destabilise Theresa May.

The Chancellor has insisted no one individual is above sacking as the Conservative Party conference continues, and has stated he fully backs the Prime Minister.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Hammond said everyone in the Cabinet had to pull their weight, and how all ministers owe the Prime Minister their “allegiance and loyalty.”

May had earlier suggested Johnson's position was not completely secure on Andrew Marr's BBC show, refusing to categorically state he was unsackable.

The first day of the conference was overshadowed by discussions of the Foreign Secretary’s ambitions for leadership, following his article in The Daily Telegraph outlying his personal Brexit vision and call for pay rises in the public sector.

The article drew much of the focus from May’s headline tuition fee pitch, but Johnson has attempted to downplay the significance of the piece, expressing surprise at the attention it has generated.

The Foreign Secretary called it “extraordinary” so much fuss had been made for what he called a repetition of Government policy.