Tory rebels risk being kicked out for defying Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has demanded loyalty from his MPs

Monday, September 2, 2019

Boris Johnson has warned rebellious Conservative MPs they risk losing the whip and being barred from standing for the party if they vote against the government when Parliament returns.

The Prime Minister is preparing for opponents to no-deal Brexit to try and seize control of Parliament when it reopens on Tuesday.

A senior source from the Tory whips office said: “The whips are telling Conservative MPs a very simple message - if they fail to vote with the government on Tuesday they will be destroying the government's negotiating position and handing control of Parliament to Jeremy Corbyn.

“Any Conservative MP who does this will have the whip withdrawn and will not stand as Conservative candidates in an election.”

The hardline stance was decided upon at a Chequers strategy summit Mr Johnson held with senior aides and Tory whips at the weekend.

It came as a meeting planned for Monday between the Prime Minister and Tory rebels led by former justice minister David Gauke was cancelled by Downing Street.

Ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond then declined an offer for one-on-one talks.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn will hold a special meeting of the shadow cabinet on Monday to prepare his opposition to a no-deal Brexit.

In a speech in Salford he is expected to say he is working with other parties to do “everything necessary to pull our country back from the brink”.

“Like all progressive change, democracy was won from below, it wasn't handed down from above,” he will say.

“The people will not allow a phoney populist cabal in Downing Street, in hock to the vested interests of the richest, to deny them their democratic voice.”

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