Tory U-turn: Stop trolling Theresa May, says her former comms director

Theresa May has faced a gruelling period since the election

Theresa May has faced a gruelling period since the election

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Theresa May's former communications director has told the people of Britain to stop "trolling" the Prime Minister and give her some breathing space after a bruising couple of weeks.

Katie Perrior admitted that May would be "nuts" to call another general election now, but told Paul Ross that "people need to get real" and allow her to do her job.

May is still reeling after a snap election which she hoped would give her a commanding majority, but which left her with a minority government and required her to seek a hugely controversial deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Perrior said that, despite the deal - which saw the Tories pledge £1bn to Northern Ireland - "there is no money, people need to realise that", and this is why the public sector pay cap has not been lifted.

The interviewee continued: "She [May] would be devastated right now. She's a public servant at heart.She works her socks off for the public. I've never worked with anyone, and I've been in the business for 20 years, who works harder.

"We demand perfection from our politicians and when we don't get it, we get furious.

"We need to stop with the abuse, we need to stop trolling our politicians on Twitter.

"It’s getting worse and as a result people are not putting themselves forward in politics in the way they used to."

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