Tourist says earthquake in Greece and Turkey was like 'being seasick on swaying boat'

Tourist says earthquake in Greece and Turkey was like 'being seasick on swaying boat'

Many were left outside as buildings were damaged

Friday, July 21, 2017

British tourists staying on the Greek island of Kos have likened this morning's earthquake to being in a film or on a swaying boat.

A quake with a magnitude of 6.5 hit the island in the early hours of this morning, as well as the coast of Aegean in Turkey.

Kos was nearest to the epicentre of the earthquake and seems to have been the worst hit area, according to The Telegraph.

At least two people have been killed and up to 200 people were injured in the disaster, which sent many tourists running from their hotels at around 1:30am local time.

Debris littered the streets and many spent the night outside, some on sun loungers with blankets provided by hotel staff.

Christopher Hackland, a scuba instructor from Edinburgh, described the incident: “There was a lot of screaming and crying and hysterics coming from the hotel.

"It felt like being at a theme park with one of the illusions, an optical illusion where you feel like you're upside down."

A man from Lancashire named Kristian Stevens said the building he was in shook like jelly and “many of the locals rushed out into the streets still in underwear.”

Londoner Eleanor Ruddock, who was woken up by the ground shaking, claimed: "The restaurant manager just said that he's never seen anything like this ever happen ever around this area or ever in Greece. He said it was like something out of a film, and it was."

Her daughter Naomi added that the earthquake made her feel like she was on a boat and it was swaying, causing her to feel seasick.

The Foreign Office has said that tourists should follow advice from tour operators and local authorities.