'Toxic waste dump' of the Calais Jungle will be recreated elsewhere, says aid group Calais Kitchens

'The Calais Jungle is a toxic waste dump and situations like this will continue', says Calais Kitchens

Migrants are being moved from the Calais Jungle (Getty)

Monday, October 24, 2016

The horrors witnessed at the "toxic waste dump" of the Calais Jungle will be repeated elsewhere, according to a representative of aid group Calais Kitchens

Work has started today to move migrants from the camp, by sending them to refugee centres across France. However, many were concerned migrants could cause trouble during the dismantling of the camp as they want to travel to Britain.

Cecelia Bittner, whose group claims to have been feeding around 10,000 Jungle migrants a week, disagrees with this view. She told James Whale: "Everything is really calm, there are a lot of police but a lot of people are very happy to go.

"I know very few who are trying to go anywhere, they'll claim asylum wherever they can get an opportunity."

Turning to the future, Bittner said: "This is going to continue, this is not going to stop with the eviction.

"It used to be that people found spots around the city to sleep while they waited to get across, and the French did not like it and said 'it's ruining our city.' So they gave them this, which is actually a toxic waste dump, and they just did not realise what would happen."

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