Trans broadcaster says gender-neutral Mother's Day cards are 'no major threat'

India Willoughby says trans Mother's Day cards are no big deal

The issue of trans Mother's Day cards has prompted some heated debate

Monday, March 12, 2018

A prominent transgender journalist has played down the significance of gender-neutral Mother's Day cards, saying the world has bigger things to worry about.

India Willoughby spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer today (March 12), after the issue of non-gender specific cards caused some friction on social media.

"We're not talking about a nuclear bomb and Isis terrorism. It's no major threat to society," Willoughby said.

"It's a piece of paper with some print on it. If some people find those words more pleasing to themselves, what harm is it actually doing?"

However Julia said that, perhaps, it's not absolutely necessary to bring out such a card.

Watch the exchange below.