Transgender charity Mermaids to receive £500k national lottery fund

Transgender charity Mermaids to receive £500k national lottery fund

Protester holding a transgender-coloured flag at rally.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The charity Mermaids UK, which supports transgender children, has confirmed it will receive £500,000 over five years from the National Lottery Community Fund.

The National Lottery launched a review into their funding of the charity after concerns were raised, but it said it “did not find any grounds” to stop the money.



In a statement, they said: “Following public interest regarding the proposed grant to Mermaids UK, The National Lottery Community Fund undertook a review of a number of concerns expressed in relation to the charity.

“This review did not find any grounds to withhold funding from Mermaids UK. The grant has therefore been approved by the England Funding Committee.

“As part of our grant management process, we will work closely with Mermaids UK to ensure they are supported in their development.”


'Difficult and confusing time' 

Mermaids UK had originally been given the £500,000 as a formal offering in December last year, but the grant was paused later that month over allegations regarding the charity’s practice.

The report found that there was “real concern” about children “doing something now that they will regret in the future”.

It added: “It is also important to keep them safe during what must be a difficult and confusing time in their lives and to listen to their views.

“Most stakeholders in the area are interested in contributing towards a better understanding of gender dysphoria and in order to do this understand and listen to the views and feelings of young people and take these into consideration.

“This is a complex and controversial area but there appears to be consensus that additional support, investment and research into the field is required.”



Mermaids UK said they intended to use the grant to provide local support groups for transgender children and their families.

“The grant means there will now be local support when currently there is none,” they said.

“This cannot be a bad thing. The UK will now be a better place for transgender and gender variant children and their families.”