Transgender L'Oreal model Monroe Bergdorf sacked after reports she called all white people racist

Transgender L'Oreal model sacked after reports on comments calling white people "racist"

Monroe Bergdorf had made history as the first transgender woman to front a campaign by the beauty brand (Credit: Monroe Bergdorf - Instagram)

Friday, September 1, 2017

L'Oreal UK has severed ties with its first-ever transgender model over comments she made on Facebook. 

Monroe Bergdorf made history as the first transgender individual to front a campaign by the world-famous beauty brand. 

However, the Daily Mail reported on comments she had made on Facebook in the wake of the incident in Charlottesville, where protester Heather Heyer died after a car was rammed into people protesting a far-right rally. 

In this post, she's thought to have said "ALL white people" were racist.

In the wake of this report, the brand terminated her contract, saying the comments were "at odds" with their values.

The model released a statement in the wake of her dismissal on Facebook here.

In the statement, she clarified what she meant by the comments, saying white people were "socialised" to be racist.