'Trexit' competition offering Americans $10,000 to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes President

Website offers one lucky American the chance to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes President

Donald Trump (Getty)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A website is offering one American the chance to leave the US if Donald Trump wins the Presidential election - and has even pledged to give them $10,000.

The winner of the competition organised by Parachute, MapQuest’s editorial site, will receive the five-figure sum as well as “an abundance of information and guidance about life in Canada.”

Playing on the recent EU referendum in the UK, the website has even coined the term 'Trexit', which it describes as “a term for the potential departure from the U.S. because Donald Trump is elected to commander in chief."

They claim a poll taken in March said a fifth of Americans would move to Canada is Trump is elected. 

MapQuest also created an “Avoid Trump” map, offering users the chance to avoid any trump-related events, and a series of tips on how to live like Trump, for those who follow the 'if you cant beat em, join em' mentality.

Entrants have until the Election Day to enter. If Trump doesn't win, the prize will instead fund a trip around America for the winner.