Tristram Hunt mocked for running scared of UKIP after quitting as Labour MP

'He isn't a fighter and UKIP would've beaten him' - Twitter says Tristram Hunt is running scared of UKIP

Tristram Hunt has resigned

Friday, January 13, 2017

Labour MP Tristram Hunt has been mocked for fearing UKIP after resigning his Stoke-on-Trent seat.

The resignation of Hunt, who spent more than six years in Parliament, will trigger a by-election in Stoke, which is seen as a firmly pro-Brexit constituency.

In 2015 Hunt won a majority of just 5,179 over UKIP at the general election, on a turnout of just 19%. Many have suggested Labour's lurch to the hard left under Jeremy Corbyn, a move which has alienated many traditional supporters, will allow UKIP to claim the seat in the upcoming by-election.


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