Trophy hunting is a 'horror show' society needs to 'get away from', says president of Born Free Foundation

Trophy Hunting

Protester holds leaflet remembering Cecil the Lion, who was shot in a trophy hunt. Image: Getty

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The president of animal rights charity the Born Free Foundation, has said trophy hunting is a "horror show" that society needs to "get away from".

Will Travers OBE appeared on the Mike Graham show to discuss reports that 400 body parts from endangered animals such as crocodiles and lions have been imported into the UK by wealthy trophy hunters.

"It is extraordinary when we have these iconic species around the world, and in perilously low numbers - 20,000 wild lions left in the world - and yet it is still possible to go to certain countries in Africa and shoot lions as trophies," Mr Travers said.



"These species, which we all admire, you can't help but being absolutely knocked out by lions, and yet we're knocking them out as a species."

A loophole in legislation in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species allows hunters who poach endangered species abroad to import the animals into the country under the personal effects exemption.

"The US is the biggest single market for trophies, without quesiton. About half of the lions shot in Africa on trophy end up back in the US," Mr Travers explained.

"Donald Trump said it's a horror show and that's probably the only time I'll agree with him, because yes it's a horror show.

"Shooting animals for fun is something we've got to get away from."