Truck driver playing Pokemon Go kills nine-year-old

Nine year old killed in car accident as driver was playing Pokemon Go

The driver was playing Pokemon Go

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A nine-year-old boy has been killed in a car accident, after a truck driver was playing Pokemon Go, according to authorities.

The driver, aged 36, was arrested on Wednesday after hitting the boy in central Japan.

He told police, "I did not keep my eyes to the front as I was playing the Pokemon Go game while driving."

The boy had been crossing a street in the city of Ichinomiya in the Aichi prefecture, local police said.

This is the second fatal incident in Aichi prefecture which has been linked to the game since its release in July.

Pokemon Go, which challenges players to find Pokemon characters in real-life situations, was downloaded by millions of people when it launched this summer, but the game has also been banned in several areas due to its capacity of distract those who play it, and been the subject of all manner of bizarre news stories.

Pokemon hunters have stumbled upon all manner of news stories, from robbers to people having sex, while some players have suffered physical attacks while distracted by the game.