Trump ally Tom Price vows to repay taxpayers for private jet expenses

Tom Price vows to repay taxpayers for private jet expenses

The Health and Human Services Secretary's chartering of private flights has made Donald Trump 'unhappy'

Friday, September 29, 2017

A key ally of Donald Trump has vowed to reimbuse US taxpayers for his usage of private jets. 

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has made headlines for taking a number of chartered flights, provoking the displeasure of US president Donald Trump

Politico has reported Price took at lease 26 private jets to travel on official business since May - taking five in one week, on one occasion. The news is particularly suprising given Price has been a vocal critic of such travel in the past.

The website reports Price's luxury jaunts have cost the taxpayer $400,000 (£299,000). 

After being inundated with criticism, Price has released a statement to say he would personally cover the cost. 

However, the Health and Human Services Department has confirmed to several American media outlets the check would only be worth just over $51,000 (£38,000) - merely a fraction of the bill.

Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat who sits on the Finance Committee, made it clear this was not enough, saying on Twitter he would be continuing to rip off the taxpayers until the bill was paid off fully.