Trump bans electronic devices on flights from eight Muslim-majority countries

Trump administration bans eight Muslim-majority countries from bringing electronic devices in carry-on bags for US-bound flights

Emirates Airlines and 11 other airlines are thought to be affected by the order barring electronic devices on US bound flights

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Trump administration has released a new executive order which prohibits electronic devices larger than a mobile phone from US-bound flights from eight Muslim-majority countries. 

People traveling from eight countries in North Africa and the Middle East - such as Jordan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates - will be banned from carrying devices such as iPads, laptops and gameboys in their carry-on luggage on journeys to the United States.

These devices have to be stored in the checked luggage to be carried in the cargo hold of the flight.

The order is thought to affect at least 12 airlines, including Royal Jordanian Airlines Qatar Airways, Egyptair, and Emirates Airlines.

There is thought to be no impact on American Airlines or other US carriers. 

While there is no immediate explanation for the order, the policy is expected to be announced and explained in full later on Tuesday.