Trump critic Elizabeth Warren silenced by Republicans after using Martin Luther King to attack Jeff Sessions

Elizabeth Warren silenced by Republicans over Jeff Sessions criticism

Elizabeth Warren read a letter as part of criticism of Jeff Sessions

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Elizabeth Warren was silenced in her criticism of Jeff Sessions in the Senate yesterday by several members of the Republican Party. 

In the midst of the debate over Donald Trump's nomination for attorney general, the senator from Massachusetts was reading a letter from the widow of Martin Luther King Jr. as part of her argument criticising Jeff Sessions.

The letter questioned a nomination to a federal judgeship that Sessions received 30 years ago. Coretta Scott King urged the senate of the day to reject the nomination because of suspicions he'd abused his power .

The majority leader for the Republicans, Mitch McConnell, then said that she hadn't complied with Senate rules by questioning Sessions' conduct via the letter. 

His objection won a majority vote in the Senate, barring Warren from speaking on the floor for the remainder of the debate.

This, in turn, created fury among the Democrats, and Warren retaliated by reading the letter live on Facebook. 

Supporters of Warren (and opponents of Trump) have been venting their fury online, with the hashtag #letlizspeak trending on Twitter.