Trump inauguration: 'There is someone lying in a bunker at the White House just in case the Cabinet gets wiped out', says Charlie Wolf

'There is someone in a bunker at the White House, just incase the Cabinet is wiped out at the inauguration', says Charlie Wolf

Charlie Wolf says someone is hiding in a bunker at the White House

Friday, January 20, 2017

There is someone sitting lying deep in the bunker at the White House just in case the entire Cabinet is wiped out at the inauguration, says US political commentator Charlie Wolf.

The journalist made the revelation to Sam Delaney as the world waited for Donald Trump's inauguration, scheduled to begin at 5pm GMT.

Political commentator Charlie Wolf discussed the contingency plans in place to deal with an attack on the inauguration. He said: "If you wipe out the whole cabinet...there is someone back at the White House, and I would assume they're literally in the bunker.

"The guy that’s nominated [in the bunker], which I think is someone like the secretary of agriculture, someone at a low level is underneath" and would then come into power in the event of an atrocity.

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