Trump told: 'International press has exaggerated Sweden's immigration problems'

Trump told: 'International press has exaggerated Sweden's immigration problems'

Donald Trump appeared to claim an attack had taken place in Sweden

Monday, February 20, 2017

International news outlets have exaggerated immigration problems in Sweden before, according to public agency the Swedish Institute.

US president Donald Trump suggested that an attack had taken place in Sweden on Friday night (February 17) as a result of them taking in in a large number of immigrants in recent years. However no attack was reported in Sweden. Trump has now claimed that he received the information from Fox News.

Henrik Selin, Head of the Department for Intercultural Dialogue at the Swedish Institute, told Julia Hartley-Brewer he and many other Swedes "choked on our morning coffee, wondering what he was referring to."

He went on to say that while some Swedes found his comments "humorous", the debate is "quite strong on social media and in traditional media." 

He admitted that there are "challenges when it comes to issues around migration," especially in 2015 when the country received a larger than usual influx of refugees.

However Selin noticed this caused more international news outlets to report on Sweden and a large proportion of reporting "was exaggerated, was overestimating the problems… was even suggesting facts that were not true."

Selin added that there is "high debate" on immigration issues and "no cover up about these discussions."

Politicians see the problems, he said and "try to do something about it," such as improving education and providing vocational training.

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