Trump TV - what we could expect to see if the network comes to fruition

Trump TV - what we could expect to see if the network comes to fruition

Donald Trump (Getty)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You'd be forgiven for thinking that because he's been on TV during the campaign, endured many grillings over past behaviour, and been the subject of scrutiny from varying media outlets, Donald Trump would never want to go near a television set again if he doesn't win the election.

But if the latest reports are true, then you'd be wrong. 

Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who's married to the businessman's oldest daughter Ivanka, has reportedly had a conversation about a Trump-branded TV network with Aryeh B. Bourkoff several months back.

Who's Bourkoff, you ask? He's the chief executive of a boutique investment bank called LionTree, which helps to advise media deals. In short, he's the man you go to if you want to set up a TV network, especially one that would pertain to a nationwide following gathered by a controversial presidential candidate.

And why might this appeal to Donald Trump? Well recently he's complained about "dishonest and distorted" mainstream media, and how they've essentially "rigged" the election by reporting his words and actions in a negative light.


It's classic Donald - when you take a hit, you hit back. It's an attitude not unlike that of a wounded bear - and Donald's a grizzly bear with a low threshold for aggravation. From his viewpoint, the world's press is casting him in a negative light by reporting on - and therefore publicising - past allegations of sexual misconduct from nine women, which he has denied. 


Among the more prominent networks, only right-wing Breitbart has really supported him - recently they claimed the Democrats had trained people to instigate violence at the Republican candidate's rallies to create a "sense of anarchy" there. But, Breitbart aside, the number of media outlets in Trump's camp aren't as numerous as the candidate is probably comfortable with.

Furthermore, regardless of the outcome, Trump will be subject to a host of bad press for the policies and ideas he put forward - a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, a wall along the border to Mexico...pick a policy, any policy. 

So you could imagine some of the programming would include shows or segments which paint the businessman in a positive light - respectful of women, religious and ethnic groups, etc. Please excuse me while I roll my eyes to high heaven, because everything that Trump has said in a public forum - and has received publicity - would make that one of the most hilarious programmes to watch. 

But more importantly, if he doesn't win the election and the network gets backing, you can be sure to see a host of programmes which would critique Hillary Clinton at every opportunity. Everything from health care to foreign policy - you can expect them to find something wrong with it. 

As a broadcasting entity, they would be subject to the 'fairness' doctrine set out by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). So you'd probably get what would amount to a negative spin in a subtle(ish) way, edited in a way to cast Clinton in a poor light. Or they'd air it as an opinion piece, but with a negative portrayal. 

There are little loopholes, ways around the guidelines, but one thing is relatively certain. Trump TV would be sure to scrutinise and criticise every single action that Hillary Clinton would take as the President of the United States. And it wouldn't be pretty.