Trump vs Borat and 'cracking' Meghan Markle - it's the trending review

Meghan Marklem (left) provoked an animated response from Sam Delaney on the trending review today

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

From Donald Trump to Meghan Markle, today's trending review was as topical as ever (although if it wasn't topical, it would be a pretty lame show wouldn't it.)

The segment started with Sam Delaney and guest Dave Chawner discussing a newfangled robot suitcase, which might sound like a horrendous security risk but, apparently, isn't.

Then they turned to the really meaty issue of the day: one of those 'who said it' games so beloved of hip young people these days. Sam was presented with a number of comments and asked to work out whether the author was Donald Trump or Borat, and his answers were surprisingly.

Finally to the issue that's been all over the papers these past few days: Prince Harry's incipient romance with US TV star Meghan Markle. Harry has complained about the lack of privacy he and Ms Markle are afforded, and Sam sympathised - although his chivalrous image was dented somewhat when he described the Suits actress as "cracking", before asking "is that sexist?" 

Listen to the audio above