Trump's former lawyer acting like a ‘spoiled, little brat’

Michael Cohen

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Trump’s former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen is acting like a "spoiled brat", according to a former member of the president's transition team. 

Mr Cohen is due to give evidence to a House of Representatives committee into “hush money” payments made to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels.

He is expected to say the president knew ahead of time that WikiLeaks had emails damaging to his rival Hillary Clinton's election campaign, and that he is a "racist", a "conman", and a "cheat".


But former Republicans Overseas Vice President Jan Halper-Hayes told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer that Mr Cohen lacks credibility.

“I don’t think Cohen’s going to be damaging at all," she said. “He was the fixer and that’s exactly what Donald Trump used him for. He had hoped for something in the administration and he wasn’t considered for anything.

“He’s just acted like a spoiled little brat and he’s never been respected by anyone.”

North Korean talks "take time"

President Donald Trump meeting with Kimg Jong-un in Hanoi today. Image: PA

Ahead of his appearance, Mr Cohen said on Tuesday that the American people can decide "exactly who is telling the truth" when he testifies before the US House Oversight and Reform committee.

This sets the stage for an explosive public hearing that threatens to overshadow MrTrump's summit in Vietnam with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Ms Halper-Hayes defended the president against Julia's accusations the talks so far had led to nothing “tangible”.

“Do we really need to have anything tangible? If we really go back and look at what any other president has not accomplished verses what Trump has accomplished then we see that he has stopped nuclear testing, he has put a halt to things, he is moving it forward in having discussions,” Ms Halper Hayes said.

“What else do we really want from him when we have these kind of things that take time to happen?”