Tube strike: TfL's Brian Woodhead denies he's reading from script during interview with Julia

Julia Hartley-Brewer believes Transport for London's Brian Woodhead read from a script during her interview

A 24-hour tube strike is taking place

Monday, January 9, 2017

The operations director of Transport for London appeared on talkRADIO this morning - and was forced to deny he was reading from a script.

Brian Woodhead spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about the strikes which have brought misery and disruption to thousands of people this morning.

Woodhead defended the decision to close ticket offices which has precipitated the current strike, saying "the way people buy tickets has changed." He also reassured Londoners that the underground remains safe, saying "if we’re unable to fill staffing we don’t operate."

Julia suggested Woodhead might have been peddling the TfL party line a little too closely, rather than giving genuine answers, although the interviewee insisted he was "just being open and honest."

Listen to the full interview above