Turkish court acquits two men of aiding their sister's honour killing after she refused to wear headscarf

Turkish court acquits two men suspected of aiding honour killing of their sister in Berlin

Hatun Surucu, whose memorial is seen here, was killed by her youngest brother over her western lifestyle

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A court in Turkey has acquitted two men of aiding the honour killing of their sister.

Public outrage in Germany was sparked after Hatun Surucu was killed by her youngest brother Ayhan in 2005 after he shot her three times in the head.

Her brothers claimed the honour of the family had been besmirched after the 23-year-old divorced the man she'd been forced to marry at 16, and refused to wear a headscarf.

Ayhan was jailed for nine years, but his brothers Alparslan and Mutlu have been acquitted twice of involvement - once in Germany in 2006 and now in Turkey. 

The trial in Istanbul found there wasn't enough evidence to convict the brothers of this charge. 

The incident has provided an ongoing point of contention between Germany and Turkey, fuelling concerns that ultra-conservative Muslims aren't compatible with German society.