TV presenter Lizzie Cundy on holiday romances, her new book and having dinner with Tom Cruise

on holiday romances, her new book and having dinner with Tom Cruise

Lizzie Cundy joined Pam Spurr

Monday, July 24, 2017

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy has revealed more about her trip to the Maldives, previous holiday romances and having dinner with Tom Cruise.

Cundy, who has been filming a travel show and visited the Maldives, appeared on Dr Pam Spurr's love and relationships show over the weekend.

she told Dr Pam: "I think people think the Maldives is just about being loved up. You could go there as a single and find love."

She thinks "it’s very easy to fall in love there...because of the setting" but admitted holiday romances don't usually last. Cundy then told the story of a holiday romance she had in Greece but said "when he did come to visit me in London I immediately knew" it wouldn't work.

She added that men in the Maldives are "very friendly, they’re very calm, they’re very different to the guys I know here."

The presenter also spoke about her upcoming book which she is writing, and revealed when it was first announced last month her "phone didn’t stop ringing.

"I think there were lots of panicking ex’s thinking what are you going to write?"

She explained that the book is about "a lot of my experiences of life on the red carpet but also a bit about what goes on when the cameras are turned off."

She then revealed that she once had dinner with Tom Cruise, listen to the full interview above to find out more