Twitter: 'Britain First can still say what it wants in public, social media is a ludicrous pantomime', says Mike Graham

Twitter: 'Britain First can still say what it wants in public, social media is a ludicrous pantomime', says Mike Graham

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have been suspended from Twitter

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mike Graham has said Twitter is a "ludicrous pantomime" and claims Twitter did nothing but send an email when he received death threats.

Twitter has suspended Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen from its social media platform, after new rules on abuse and threats of violence were put into place. The group hit the headlines last month after Donald Trump retweeted Fransen's posts of unverified anti-Islamic videos.

talkRADIO presenter Graham, presenting the mid-mornin show with journalist Rachel Johnson, said: "The people from Britain First have had their Twitter account suspended now that doesn't stop them saying what they say.

"They can go and make speeches in public any time they want. What it does do is limit their access to Twitter."

He added that Twitter is "a ludicrous pantomime sort of villain area for me" and "Twitter to me is a very bizarre world, lots of people that exist within it pretend to be somebody they're not. Say things on Twitter they would never say to you in person."

Mike also revealed that he's "told Twitter about people who have threatened to kill me" but "Twitter have done nothing about it, except to send me an email saying I'm sorry this does not breach our protocol rules."

Twitter maintains that "We enforce policies when someone reports behavior that is abusive and targets an entire protected group and/or individuals who may be members. 

"The consequences for violating our rules vary depending on the severity of the violation and the person’s previous record of violations. For example, we may ask someone to remove the offending Tweet before they can Tweet again. For other cases, we may suspend an account."

Momentum started it

Johnson, the sister of Tory minister Boris, also touched on the wider culture of abuse towards MPs and blames Momentum, the hard-left pressure group set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn's ascension to the Labour leadership in 2015, for starting it.

"I've never seen the level of public discourse sink so low," Johnson said.

"It started with Momentum on the left, the way that Labour MPs, people were deselected, the way they were kicked off the front bench before they'd even got their bum on the green seats.

"And now we're seeing the same thing on the Tory side. Cries for the deselection of decent, long-serving MPs."

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