Twitter declares UKIP dead after Arron Banks expulsion claims

'Forget UKIP, they're finished' - Twitter comes down hard on party after Arron Banks claims

Twitter users have leapt to Paul Nuttall's defence after his revelation this morning

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's fair to say Arron Banks, the main benefactor behind UKIP and a driving force in last year's Brexit campaign, has caused a bit of controversy this morning.

Banks - who has been involved in public spats with leader Paul Nuttall and the party's only MP Douglas Carswell - claimed on Twitter on Tuesday morning he had been suspended from the party. 

UKIP have claimed he didn't renew his membership, but the damage - in a sense - had been done. 

The insurance tycoon has been trending on Twitter, and plenty of people are coming down hard on UKP for what has happened, suggesting it means the eurosceptic party is dead.

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