Twitter users troll Azealia Banks after Russell Crowe clash

Twitter users troll Azaelia Banks after Russell Crowe clash

Russell Crowe

Monday, October 17, 2016

Twitter users have had their say after the news broke that rapper Azealia Banks was involved in a confrontation with actor Russell Crowe. 

The altercation, which took place at a hotel in Beverly Hills in California, happened as a result of a disagreement when Banks reportedly laughed at Crowe’s music selection, and making reference to "boring white men”. 

When she allegedly threatened to bottle the people present and picked up a glass, Crowe reportedly grabbed her in a bear hug and ejected her from the hotel suite. 

In her own account of the night's events yesterday, Banks said on Facebook the actor had allegedly called her a racial slur and spat on her. 

Since the fight, Twitter has had its say on the issue - See what they said below: