Twitter users troll the wrong Devin Nunes about Trump Russia controversy

Twitter users tweet the wrong Devin Nunes about Russia controversy

Twitter users have been failing to tweet the correct Nunes

Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's fair to say US politician Devin Nunes isn't the most popular man in America right now.

But now it seems a man totally unrelated to the chairman of Washington's House Intelligence Committee is bearing the brunt of his controversy.

Nunes, whose committee is about to investigate Donald Trump's alleged ties with Russia, has faced fierce scrutiny in recent days, with critics claiming he has tried to scupper the investigation and is linked to Russia himself (the allegations remain unproven).

In their rush to condemn the politician, many Twitter users have confused him with a broadcast engineer from Seattle who happens to share the same surname and has a similar Twitter handle.

Chase Nunes, whose handle is simply @nunes, has been inundated with abuse from people thinking he is Devin.

At first Chase ignored the notifications, but when he realised just how many people were confusing him he decided "I’m going to have some fun with this."

One user suggested that he resigned from his poistion, so Chase replied "No, no, our safety committee is very important, make sure you check your smoke detectors."

But there has also been an upside. When he recieved praise from another user about his commitment to truth and justice, he happily accepted it, saying "thank you, that’s been my entire goal, I want to get the truth out there on my Twitter."

Chase has also tweeted the real Devin, saying: "Hey lets met up at Wrestle Mania next week, we’ll have a match and we’ll figure out who gets the Nunes handle once and for all."