Twitter vows to continue eating burnt toast despite cancer warning

'If you don't brown toast, isn't it just warm bread?' - Twitter reacts to the toast health scare

Burnt toast could be linked to cancer

Monday, January 23, 2017

Health officials have once again provided a warning about foods which could increase the risk of cancer...this time it's toast.

Whilst it seems these warnings come out nearly every week, today's seems to have provoked much discussion as it is claimed eating burnt toast is linked to cancer.

It is said that when cooking a high temperatures, a chemical compound forms called acrylamide. Studies on mice have shown that high levels of this can cause neurological damage and cancer.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a warning and told people to only cook their toast until it is golden.

Many have not been pleased with this new warning, and claim they will continue eating burnt toast regardless, view their reaction below.