Two jailed for ‘horrific spate’ of armed robberies

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Two men have been jailed for carrying out a string of armed robberies at convenience stores and betting shops over six months in and around London.

Isleworth Crown Court heard that between October 6 2018 and March 18 2019, a series of linked robberies took place in London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Surrey.

The crimes were all carried out using a similar method; with masked robbers armed carrying weapons, including knives and axes, and with all the attacks taking place in the dark late night or early morning hours.

Justin Stockbridge, 45, (seen in the video above) and Jamie Owen, 32 were sentenced yesterday, having been found guilty at the same court last week.

Owen was handed a 14 year jail term for three counts of robbery and one count of possession of a Taser used in a robbery, while Stockbridge was sentenced to seven years behind bars for one count of robbery.

The defendants were among four men convicted of the crimes.

Also involved was 34-year-old Richard Mazzuccato who last year pleaded guilty to four counts of robbery and will be sentenced next month.

Previously, Paul Evans, 27, pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery and was jailed for 11 years and one month.

The suspects were convicted of a total of nine robberies: three at convenience stores, three at betting shops and three against taxi drivers.

Detective Sergeant Tim Fines, from the Metropolitan Police said all of the robberies were “terrifying ordeals” for the victims involved.

He said: “I have no doubt that these suspects would have continued committing this horrific spate of robberies if they had not been identified and arrested.

“These suspects were not afraid to use violence, often just for small amounts of cash.

“I am pleased that the jury agreed with the overwhelming evidence we built against the suspects and chose to convict them.”

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