Two jailed over knife-point robbery and child abuse images

Two jailed over knife-point robbery and child abuse images

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Two men have been jailed for an armed robbery during which a woman and her 13-year-old daughter were tied up and the girl sexually abused.

Kai Wang and Quan Chang entered a shop in Tottenham in January to order food, then grabbed the woman.

He produced a knife which he held to her neck, telling her told her not to scream and to comply with their demands before forcing her and her daughter into the back of the premises.

Chan kept repeating that he was only interested in money and that if the woman did not cooperate, her daughter would be hurt. Wang then brandished a knife towards the child’s face, cutting her nose.

After taking money from the premises Chan left the girl alone in the shop with Wang and took the woman to her home where he recovered more cash before fleeing.

Wang sexually assaulted the girl, took photographs of her and threatened to distribute them if she went to the police.

The woman desperately made her way back to the shop to establish the welfare of her daughter and discovered the child alone, still tied to the chair and called police. Their ordeal lasted two hours. 

A week later police raided a house where the men were staying and they were arrested. A CCTV hard drive the pair had stolen from the shop was also found along with almost £2,000 cash and two knives.

A length of orange rope found matched the one recovered in the shop, police said.

Two Chinese passports - in the names of the defendants - were found to be fraudulent and it was suggested they should not be relied upon as evidence of identity or nationality.

Wang, 38, from Tottenham, was sentenced to 17 years 3 months after pleading guilty to robbery, sexual assault of a child, false imprisonment, making and distributing indecent images of child and possession of an identity document with improper intention.

Wang will also be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Chan, 39, also from Tottenham, was sentenced to 16 years 6 months after pleading guilty to robbery, false imprisonment, making indecent images of a child and possession of an identity document with improper intention.

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley said then men posed “significant harm” to the public.

“It would be difficult for anyone to imagine the sheer fear and trauma caused to these victims, in particular the young girl,” he said.

“The significant custodial sentences handed down by the judge demonstrate the abundance of aggravating factors in this case including the use of weapons, binding the victims, detaining them for a prolonged period and their additional degradation.

“This city is a much safer place with these violent and dangerous men behind bars.”

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