Two killed in Egypt beach stabbing

Details of the attack are still emerging

Some reports suggest all victims were women

Friday, July 14, 2017

Two people have been killed and at least four injured in a stabbing attack at a beach resort in Egypt.

The incident took place in the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada. It has been reported that all six victims were women.

The attacker has been arrested and is being questioned to determine his motives. It is thought that he swam from a nearby public beach to attack the resort.

The BBC reports that three foreign tourists were stabbed at the same resort in 2016, by two suspected militants who had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

This latest attack comes just days after British police released a controversial advert advising tourists on how to handle a terrorist attack on their holidays.

Many felt the 'Run, Hide, Tell' advert, which featured a simulation of a terror attack on a hotel, was too graphic.