Two men handed life prison sentence for 'barbaric' murder of Syrian refugee and her baby

Two men handed life prison sentence for 'barbaric' murder of Syrian woman and baby

There are many Syrian refugees living in Syria (Stock image)

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two men in Turkey have been handed a life prison sentence for murdering a pregnant Syrian woman and her baby last year.

Local media states the two men have been found guilty of sexual assault, planned murder, murdering a pregnant woman and killing a baby unable to defend himself.

However, during the court case one of the men claimed he was not responsible for the death of the woman and only raped her.

The heavily pregnant woman, a refugee, was raped before being attacked with rocks which resulted in her death, according to The New Arab.

Her baby, who was just 10 months old, was then strangled to death by the attackers.

The men had broken into the family’s home and taken both the woman and the baby to a forest in Sakarya, where their bodies were later discovered.

Local media claimed the two men had been involved in an argument with the woman's husband just days before the killing.​

Despite the prison sentence the woman's husband claimed the punishment was not severe enough and according to the newspaper Hurriyet said: "Those who brutally killed my wife and my baby have no right to life."

Officials slammed the incident as "barbaric" and it was condemned by family minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya.