Two seriously injured after Russian helicopter fires on civilians during Zapad military exercise

Two seriously injured after Russian helicopter accidentally opens fire on civilian targets during Zapad military exercise

The incident is reported to have left two seriously injured (Credit: Twitter @golub)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Two people are reportedly seriously injured after a Russian helicopter accidentally opened fire on civilian targets during a military exercise. 

Russian media reports a malfunction of equipment occurred, which led to two rockets blasting off on their own and striking an area near to parked cars and three people. 

The incident occurred during the Zapad military drills, and the specific location of it is believed to be near St Petersburg. 

Two videos of the incident can be found on social media - one shows the footage from the helicopter, while the other was filmed on the ground near to the strike.

A subseqent video showed the damage left by the incident.

Nato says it is watching the exercise with "calm and confidence", while Russian President Vladimir Putin was at a demonstration where Russian forces repelled an imaginary enemy.