Two teenagers charged with murder 'over deadly fire at Islamic school'

Two teenagers charged with murder 'over deadly fire at Islamic school'

The fire killed 23 people

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Two Malaysian teenagers have been charged with murder after allegedly starting a fire at an Islamic boarding school which led to the deaths of 23 people.

Both have not yet entered a plea, but prosecutor Othman Abdullah has said a hearing is planned for November 28.

As both of the teenagers are classed as minors, if convicted they will not face the death penalty, according to The Daily Star.

The boys were detained along with five other teenagers just days after the fire which happened on September 14.

The fire was allegedly started at a top floor dormitory using petrol and cooking gas tanks at the school in Kuala Lumpur.

Due to the location of the fire the exit to the room could not be used, meaning pupils were trapped. There were bars across the windows.

Two teachers and 21 students aged between 6 and 17 years old, died in the incident.

Abdullah also said that the two boys have also been charged with drug abuse, as well as four of the others detained. The last suspect has been released as there was not enough evidence.

The school is also currently being investigated over the safety of the building. Officials claim it was being run without a fire safety permit or licence and suggest a wall was built illegally on the top floor, blocking those in the building from another exit.