Two thirds of British couples eat same food every night, study finds

Fish and chips

Fish and chips is one of the most popular dishes couples eat regularly

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Two thirds of British couples will eat the same food every night, even if they are bored with what they are serving, a study has found.

Of 2,000 men and women in relationships surveyed, a majority said they did not have the time or energy to search for a new recipe, visit a supermarket for ingredients or spend hours prepping dinner.

The average couple therefore, has the same five meals every single week, with popular dishes including roast dinner, spaghetti Bolognese, fish and chips and pizza.



Researchers also found that couples were spending at least 10 minutes per day disagreeing about what to eat, with common rows including what they should eat for the meal, who should wash up and whether the meal is too unhealthy.

More than one in 10 adults revealed that they had gone as far as ordering a takeaway for themselves – and not their partner – when disagreeing about what to have for dinner.

Andre Dupin, head chef at HelloFresh UK, which carried out the study, said: “Food is central to most people’s lives – we think, talk and disagree about food all day every day.

“For many people, the evening meal is the prime time to catch up with their partner after a long day.

“Finding something tasty to eat that you will both like and is easy to cook is a way to avoid daily disagreements about food.”