Two-thirds of young people want to stop Brexit, new poll shows

Monday, December 11, 2017

Two thirds of young British voters want Brexit to be blocked, a new poll has suggested.

The poll, carried out by BMG Research for the Left Foot Forward political blog, also showed that nearly one in 10 Leave voters regret their choice.

The headline finding was that 66% of people aged 18-24 said "Brexit should be stopped." Among those with a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) background the figure was even higher - 69%.

For all ages groups, 38% of voters believe Brexit should be stopped, and a further 8% aren't sure. When asked whether the process could be stopped, 37% of voters - over one in three - said yes.

Damningly for the Brexiteers, 8% of those who voted Leave last year say they have now changed their minds and believe Britain is better off in the EU.

The survey also shows opinions differ widely by party. Around 65% of Labour voters surveyed said the Brexit process should be stopped, although the figure falls to 18% for those who identify as Conservative. 

Similarly, opinion contrasts sharply among the various regions. While 65% of Scots support ending the Brexit process, just 36% of those in the East Midlands.

Josiah Mortimer, editor of Left Food Forward, focused on the youth figures and said Jeremy Corbyn must now act on them.

Mortimer said: “This is an overwhelming show of feeling from young people. The call to stop and think again is very clear indeed. Theresa May is negotiating a Brexit dictated by the right-wing DUP, and Britain’s youth are having none of it.

“With more and more young people getting involved in politics, this is not a call that can be easily ignored.

“It is also a call for the Labour party – who 18-24s overwhelmingly support – to take a tougher line and call out Brexit for what it is: an enormously self-defeating and mistaken plan that will damage our economy and society more generally. The pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to oppose Brexit altogether just moved up a gear.

“That nearly one in ten Leave voters now back halting Brexit is also a reflection of the damage we’ve already seen – from stagnating growth and falling wages, to a weaker pound and a slump in investment.

“This is not comfortable reading for Theresa May – or indeed the Labour party. Parties which want to court an energised youth vote will now have to reflect very carefully.”