UAE minister blames Islamist terrorism on lack of mosque control in EU countries

UAE minister blames Islamist terrorism on lack of mosque control in EU countries

The UK has suffered several attacks this year

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The minister for tolerance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has claimed Islamist terrorism has risen in the UK, Germany and France because mosques are not being controlled effectively.

Sheikh Nahjan Mubarak al Nahjan claims there is a terror problem in these countries because Muslims are able to become radicalised in mosques that are not stewarded by the authorities.  

He told agency DPA: “You can’t just leave a mosque open and allow anyone to go there and to preach. You need to have licences."

Despite his criticism, Nahjan believes EU countries allowed mosques to be set up by "these people" with good intentions, but now insists preaching licences and training people on the religion is neccessary.

He added: “After all no-one is allowed to simply go into a church in Europe and preach."

Nahjan also claimed the UAE "have always offered our help, we have always said we would train people" to deal with this issue, but no country in the EU has yet accepted the assistance offered, The Local reported.

Although a terror cell was busted in the UAE in 2015, the country has not witnessed a major attack in recent years. Officials claim this is due to the fact that mosques are strictly controlled by the authorities - although others say the reason is that, like Islamic State, the majority of UAE citizens are Sunni Muslims.

In the UK, the Home Office is working with the police and local authorities on fresh plans to help stop people from turning to terrorism, according to The Daily Mail.

Police and social workers are also set to use MI5 databases to assess the danger posed by certain individuals and work on how best to integrate them in society.