UAE psychologist creates plan to help 'irrational' women accept their husbands have another wife

Psychologist creates plan to help 'irrational' women accept their husbands have another wife

Zahraa al-Musawi has created a plan to help women (Stock image)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A psychologist in the United Arab Emirates has created a programme to help women accept that their husbands have another wife.

Zahraa al-Musawi has compared women who become angered over their husbands marrying another woman to a first-born child's jealousy towards a new sibling.

The psychologist conducted a study on the matter in an attempt to discover why wives dislike the idea of their husbands marrying again.

During the study she found that a husband's bigamy - not altogether unsurprisingly - can cause women to have depression, anxiety and anger, according to The New Arab.

Musawi's research showed that when a wife gets less attention from her husband than usual, she suffers withdrawal symptoms which lead in turn to depression.

She believes the answer to this problem is to help women accept that their husband has another wife. To do this she has unveiled a five-step programme.

The first step is to understand why men feel the need to marry someone else and understand it from "the man's perspective."

After this she tries to improve the woman's self-confidence, as Musawi suggests it's irrational to be upset about your husband marrying someone else.

The psychologist then teaches women not to blame themselves and this is followed by asking them to go to people they know for emotional support.

The final session teaches the woman to ignore criticisms she may face about not being enough for her husband and to get on with life.

Whether it'll catch on in Britain, we're not quite sure.