Uber granted 15-month operating permit in London

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Uber has won a partial victory at Westminster Magistrates' Court in getting its London operating licence renewed following safety concerns, with a judge granting a 15-month permit.

The decision came after a two-day hearing where Chief Magistrate Emma Arthbuthnot came to the decision the service was now "fit and proper" to operate in London.

The small victory comes after Transport for London had initially refused to renew the taxi firm's licence when it ran out last September, deeming the service unsafe. 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "I fully supported Transport for London's decision not to renew Uber's operating licence last September - I believe everyone must play by the same rules, no matter how big or powerful they are.

"After years of operating poorly in London, Uber has now accepted that TfL's action in refusing to renew their licence was totally justified. Today our stance has been vindicated by the court.

"Uber has been put on probation - their 15 month licence has a clear set of conditions that TfL will thoroughly monitor and enforce.

"As a result of us standing up for Londoners, Uber has been forced to overhaul the way it operates not just in London but across the world, including completely changing its global governance structures and implementing new systems for reporting alleged crimes.

"As mayor, I'm working to ensure that London continues to be at the forefront of innovation and a natural home for new and exciting companies. But no matter how powerful and how big you are, you must play by the rules."

Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber in the UK, said: "We are pleased with today's decision. We will continue to work with TfL to address their concerns and earn their trust, while providing the best possible service for our customers."