Ugandan pastor among nine missing two weeks after reported Muslim attack on church

Ugandan pastor missing two weeks after reported Muslim attack on church

Uganda - where the incident is thought to have taken place

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Uganda pastor and eight members of his congregation have gone missing two weeks after their church was allegedly attacked by a large group of Muslims. 

On January 15, a gathering of roughly 90 Muslims are thought to have assailed the Christian church in Katira village, in eastern Uganda's Budaka District, during evening prayers. 

They were reported to have locked the congregation - roughly 80 people - inside the church, beaten several members with clubs and sticks, and raped 15 women. 

The pastor - Moses Mutasa - was reported to be outside at the time of the attack, and when he realised the mob appeared to be targeting him, he's said to have fled.

Rev. Musa Mukenye, the reverend for the area, said that his whereabouts and disposition were currently unknown as he implored the congregation to forgive their attackers. 

Christians in Uganda have suffered repeated attacks in the last few months, despite the laws which allow for religious freedom.