The UK coasts have been vulnerable to terrorists for a long time, says security specialist Will Geddes

Terrorism: 'We've had a problem securing the coasts for a long time,' says security specialist

Will Geddes believes the UK coasts have long been vulnerable

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A security specialist has said the securing of UK ports against terrorism has been a long-running problem. 

David Anderson, who has been tasked with reviewing the Government's anti-terror laws, claimed this week that jihadists could attempt to sneak into the UK via the ports and coasts, which he said are not policed.

In a report, he expressed his concerns that fighters returning from Iraq or Syria could get into the country via small boats and planes on the coasts.

Will Geddes told James Whale and Ash Gould that this issue has been ongoing for a long time. 

"We've have a problem securing the coasts for a long time," he told them. "but the Royal Navy are as vigilant as they can be.

"It's a fine balancing act between instilling paranoia and adjusting everyone to the new normal - living with the prevalance of an ongoing terrorist threat. 

"We need to get the balance right between preparing and empowering us to deal with terror attacks."