UK Communist leader says Jeremy Corbyn is 'similar to John Major'

'It's a bad position when Prime Ministers have to be psychopaths or pretend to be one', claims communist party general secretary Robert Griffiths about Trident

Robert Griffiths spoke to Sam Delaney about the plans for Trident in the leaked Labour manifesto

Friday, May 12, 2017

The General Secretary of the British Communist Party has said Jeremy Corbyn is far less left-wing than some claim – and even compared him to John Major.

Robert Griffiths was speaking to talkRADIO after details of Labour’s manifesto leaked to the press, with many suggesting the proposals were extremely left-wing.

Griffiths has thrown his party’s weight behind Labour ahead of the June election, pledging to support Labour's candidates rather than fielding his own.

But he told our presenters Sam Delaney and Tom Newton-Dunn that the manifesto wasn’t as left-wing as Michael Foot’s 1983 version, which was labelled “the longest suicide note in history” by one Labour MP.

In fact, Griffiths said, “most of the policies would have been seen as perfectly normal by almost all Conservative leaders up to 1983.”

On Cobyn’s Trident policy, Griffiths said “he’s very similar to John Major, who did reveal after his term of office that he would never have pressed the button under any circumstances.”

Labour’s commitment to renewing Trident, Griffiths said, was a sad by-product of the fact that, in Britain, “you either have to be a psychopath or pretend to be a psychopath” to win power.

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