UK military chief warns Nato must step up defences against Russian cyber warfare

UK senior commander warns NATO must step up defences against Russian cyber warfare

A commander warned NATO had to increase efforts against Russian cyber warfare (stock photo)

Friday, March 3, 2017

A top British Nato commander has warned the alliance must increase its efforts to combat Russian cyber warfare.

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, Nato's deputy supreme allied commander, warned Russian president Vladimir Putin might use political disinformation and cyber attacks, like those used to destabilise Crimea before its 2014 annexation by Russia.

In an interview with the BBC, he warned the Kremlin might use these tactics as a springboard to "finalise a deal" with its military ability. 

He said: "The concern is whether Russia gets themselves in a position where they employ the military arm of power and that could be incredibly dangerous."

"We've seen it in Crimea - a combination of unconventional military and non-military means like cyber warfare and political agitation, then military forces closing in to finalise the deal.

"The risk of a slide into a military confrontation with Russia is small, but because the consequences would be catastrophic, we've absolutely got to deal with the risk."