'UK prisons are Isis training camps', says English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson

'UK prisons are Isis training camps', says Tommy Robinson

The English Defence League founder gave an interview in the wake of Sunday's terror attack with Paul Ross

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tommy Robinson has claimed UK prisons are "training camps" for Islamic State.

In the wake of the attack on crowds near a mosque in north London, the former leader of the English Defence League has been accused of 'inciting hatred' by several media outlets for a series of tweets he posted about the incident. 

In an extended interview with Paul Ross, he refuted this allegation. 

He insisted: "If you attack a Muslim woman on the street, you’re a coward. If you attack a mosque, you’re a moron.

"Every opportunity I’ve had, every single time, I go out of my way to make everyone clear on that. 

"I always try to separate Muslims from Islam. Muslims are people, you can’t hate people.

"Islam is an idea – a bad idea - which deserves all of the criticism we can give it."

When speaking to a caller on the show, the EDL founder also claimed UK prisons were fertile ground for radicalisation. 

He said: "One of my best friends converted doing a four-and-a-half [-year sentence] in jail.

"I’ve seen it with our own eyes – our prison camps are Isis-training camps and they’re breeding an army.

"I tried talking about that at the time, I got shouted down for trying to lie."

Listen above.