UK war hero claims government manipulates defence figures for Brexit

'The Government manipulates defence statistics to appear stronger in Brexit negotiations', says Royal Marine

James Glancy fears new recruits won't be well-trained

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Government has manipulated defence statistics in order to make us appear stronger in Brexit negotiations and meet Nato targets for spending, according to a veteran Royal Marine.

This week, former military chiefs hand-delivered a letter to Downing Street urging the Prime Minister to recognise that the defence budget is damaging the army. Theresa May has now pledged to increase defence spending by at least 0.5% above inflation.

James Glancy, who toured Afghanistan three times, told Carole Malone that he fears those training now won't be prepared mentally and physically enough when they are deployed and could be exposed to unnecessary dangers due to budgetary pressures.

He also believes that many people expect that the UK will always be safe and secure, but in reality freedom isn't free and there are many regimes and terrorist organsations that want to undermine our way of life.

Glancy believes spending money on defence in the UK is an investment in our way of life.

talkADIO has contacted the MoD for a reply, but has yet to receive one.

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