UKIP Brexit spokesperson says he's 'very disappointed' in Nigel Farage

Farage has refused to stand in the forthcoming election

Nigel Farage has suggested he'll have more influence in Brussels than Westminster

Friday, April 21, 2017

UKIP's Brexit spokesperson has said he's "very disappointed" in Nigel Farage for refusing to stand in the forthcoming general election.

Speculation had suggested that Farage would fight the snap election and could even return to lead UKIP, the party he guided to national prominence. But Farage has scotched the idea, saying he will have more influence in the European Parliament than its counterpart in Westminster.

But Gerard Batten told Julia Hartley-Brewer he disagrees with his former UKIP colleague on this.

"It's his duty to stand for UKIP," Batten said. "Our members, our supporters, our voters expect it. I'm very disappointed."

Batten, who serves as the MEP for London, rubbished the idea that Farage will have more influence in the European than the British Parliament, explaining that the committee set up in Brussels to discuss the conditions of Brexit has refused to allow UKIP to even join. 

Turning to the ongoing controversy surrounding fMP Douglas Carswell and donor Arron Banks, Batten said that both men "caused nothing but problems" before turning their backs on UKIP and Carswell was most likely "an infiltrator from the Tory party." 

He also had some harsh words for Theresa May, saying the Tories were planning a "con trick" over Brexit and won't deliver what Leavers really want.

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