UKIP candidate Lisa Duffy tells George Galloway 'I don't want to ban the burkini'


The 'burkini' was a central topic of tonight's interview with Ukip's Lisa Duffy

Friday, August 19, 2016

UKIP candidate Lisa Duffy told George Galloway she doesn't want to ban the burkini and had never said anything to this effect.

During an often heated interview with talkRADIO's evening presenter, Duffy said she had launched a "positive vision" for British Muslims, and defended her stance on a range of issues related to Islam in the UK, notably Sharia law.

When George suggested she was "going for the ban the Burkini vote," Duffy said "not at all, and I've never said that... I'm asking for Muslim females to show their face in areas of security, just as you would if you were wearing a crash helmet."

Listen to the full interview above.